API Akamai API Gateway

Deploy your APIs on Akamai’s cloud delivery platform to simplify governance and maximize reliability.

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Introducing Akamai for DevOps

Manage, automate, and extend your workflows with Akamai’s rock-solid cloud delivery platform.

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Web Performance Akamai Image Manager

Image optimization, automated.

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Akamai CLI Download a single tool to manage and configure your Akamai properties via the command line.


  • Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations.
  • Purge your content from the Edge in five seconds or less.
  • Create your own custom commands.
  • Includes a package manager to make it easy to install new & update tools.

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Integrations Easily connect with your favorite tools and frameworks.

Mobile App Performance

Akamai’s Mobile Application Performance (MAP) SDK enables app owners and developers to understand the causes of mobile application latency and to optimize and accelerate their app’s API and image requests over the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

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Predictive Content Delivery

The Predictive Content Delivery platform gives you the ability to intelligently cache videos on a user device and provide a superior experience to your users. Personalize videos based on user preferences, usage data, and social activity.

Manage delivery of fresh and relevant videos to user devices at the right times throughout the day. Efficiently download and manage content on the device. Configure, control, and monitor through the dashboard.

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Media Acceleration

The next generation of Akamai’s media acceleration technology evolving from the Infinite Media Acceleration SDK adding VOD and Download use cases. Embraces additional standards-based technology in an effort to reach more devices.

Also focuses on full integration into Akamai portal, configuration and self-service mechanisms. Will be offered as a feature of Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, and Media Services On Demand.

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Infinite Media Acceleration

Helping media customers meet rising consumer expectations for online media by enabling the delivery of broadcast quality video over broadband at scale.

The Infinite Media Acceleration SDK increases the quality and end user experience of Live streams and utilizes efficiency technologies to assist operators in managing the load of traffic on their last mile networks.

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Adaptive Media Player

The Adaptive Media Player (AMP) SDKs provide a simple way to insert a quality media playback experience in your web, iOS/tvOS, and Android applications.

Whether you are building out your OTT service or offering an enterprise webcasting application, Akamai AMP provides a single component that pre-integrates playback, acceleration, monetization and analytics to ensure a fast, reliable, quality deployment, greatly reducing the work for your developers.

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SIEM Integration

SIEM Integration is a comprehensive solution for capture, retention, and delivery of security information and events in real-time to SIEM applications.

Customers using Kona Site Defender can analyze security events generated on the Akamai platform and correlate them with security events generated from other sources.

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