for DevOps

Manage your config.
Extend to the edge.

Automate your workflow with Akamai’s rock solid cloud delivery platform.

Configure and automate your

Manage your Configuration as code, integrate with CI/CD workflows, use your favorite tools, test and validate your performance.

Real‑time testing and monitoring

Continuously monitor activity at the Edge, and end-user experience, and make just-in-time infrastructure changes.

Extend to the Edge

React to operational challenges or inefficiencies and respond in real time, when it matters most to your users.

Tooling Download Akamai CLI to manage and configure your Akamai properties via the command line.


  • Automate the creation, configuration, and activation of property configurations.
  • Purge your content from the Edge in five seconds or less.
  • Create your own custom commands.
  • Includes a package manager to make it easy to install new & update tools.

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Integrations Easily connect with your favorite tools and frameworks.

Akamai Provider for Terraform

Add dynamic, repeatable, transparent automation to your existing infrastructure.

  • Fast

  • Property

  • Global Traffic Manager

Akamai for WordPress

The Akamai for WordPress plugin will automatically purge the cache using the new Fast Purge feature whenever you create or update a post.

  • Automate publishing with
    fast purge

  • Easily install the plugin
    from the WordPress repo

  • Cache semi‑dynamic content
    with long TTLs

Akamai Connector for Varnish

Automatic integration with Varnish. Sync cache content & configuration automatically using Varnish Configuration Languare (VCL).

  • Invalidate or purge objects
    in Akamai Cache

  • Change Akamai Cache and
    no‑store rules

  • Ensure ESI content processed
    at the edge

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