Get Started

This introduction walks you through the workflow to make your first Akamai OPEN API call.

When evaluating or using any API, the first step is to get an API client up and running. This section features a tutorial and links to open source reference implementations and signing libraries to help you make your first Akamai OPEN API call as quickly as possible.

Show Me How OPEN APIs Work

Follow these links to make your first Akamai OPEN API call:

  1. Setup your Environment
  2. Authorize your client in the Luna control center
  3. Configure your credentials
  4. Make your first API call

Get Started


OPEN API Clients

Ready to get going writing your application right away?

Akamai is committed to the open source community and maintains EdgeGrid clients in many popular programming languages on GitHub. Take a quick browse through our repository before taking the plunge and rolling your own application. Remember, even if you’re creating a different application outside of the tutorial, you will still need to create credentials using the Luna portal.

OPEN API Internals

Didn’t find the EdgeGrid client you need in our library? We have documented the interfaces so that you can build your own clients. Here are the details you need to know:

Want to learn more about the Akamai OPEN Platform? Please visit our Learn section for a more general introduction to the platform.

Need Help?

If questions come up along the way, check out the frequently asked questions. Or, stop in and see if others have already bumped into your issue in our community discussion forums.