{OPEN}ing Akamai - an introduction

At Akamai, one of our goals is to provide the technology that allows our customers and partners to deliver the most innovative web experiences while removing all the inherent impediments of building applications on the raw Internet. Whether it is performance, security, or the sheer size and complexity of the Internet, our goal is to provide a platform that is open and transparent that supports your innovation in an increasingly cloudified landscape. We recognize the critical role that developers and architects play in not only creating these applications, but setting the standards for Internet technologies. It is in that spirit that we have embarked on a bold mission to expose the power and breadth of the global Akamai platform for your use. It has been our platform for the first 15 years of Akamai’s history, and for the next 15 years we want it to be your platform while still providing the industry-leading security, reliability, and performance of Akamai’s leading pedigree.

As a developer or architect - if someone were to approach you and offer access to more than 100,000 servers at the farthest reaches of the Internet edge, petabytes of distributed storage, and terabytes of global bandwidth - wouldn’t you believe that there is no challenge too great nor bar too high in designing the next killer application? Our BHAG is to provide a world-class level of transparent access to Akamai’s technology with developers and architects as a target constituency going forward.


The Open Initiative encompasses a broad set of activities across many facets of the company to lay the foundation for this new mode of access and transparency to Akamai’s technology. As with anything of this nature, our plan is an iterative one with the first steps being to lay a solid foundation for an increasing pace of innovation as we surface an industry-leading portfolio of services.

Over the course of this initiative you will see our focus in several key areas:

  • Self Service
    • Providing deeper control and management of the Akamai Platform through our tools.
  • Automation
    • Providing control and automation of the Akamai platform through APIs and integration services.
  • Innovation
    • Providing services and developer primitives that allow you to build with and on the Akamai platform.

We aim to radically simplify your technical interactions with Akamai, to expand your choices of how to consume our services in your business environment, and to inspire your innovation of world-class Internet applications and experiences with Akamai as a key technology in your arsenal.

Self Service (our tools)

Akamai Luna Control Center is the entry point for all Akamai provided tools that allow you to manage and control the services that you are entitled to use from Akamai. With Luna Control Center, we are committed to providing an industry-leading experience that combines the power and scalability of Akamai’s cloud services — coupled with deep capabilities that expose the entirety of Akamai’s configurability, data and analytics to our customers. Our goal is 100% self-serviceability through Luna Control Center — allowing you to harness and customize the true power of the Akamai platform to meet your business and technology needs while minimizing your technical investment.

Automation (integrating with your tools)

We recognize that for some of our customers and partners it is imperative that they integrate Akamai directly into their operating environment. To address this need, we have assembled a team and commenced a company-wide initiative to expose a set of APIs, SDKs and other integration interfaces that will allow the developers and architects at our customers to fully integrate Akamai into their systems and processes. Our goal is 100% automation and integration capabilities, allowing a customer to consume, control and manage Akamai services in a loosely coupled architecture. We are focused on providing the majority of these capabilities through modern RESTful architecture.

This site — developer.akamai.com — will serve as your one stop source for all things developer and automation related. We encourage you to check back often as the library of APIs, tools and resources is sure to be growing and evolving constantly.

Innovation (developer services)

Developers and architects are the lifeblood of the next generation of astounding Internet experiences; here at Akamai we are committed to opening up our chest of tools to help drive that innovation. That is why, in addition to new levels of Self Service and Automation, we are focused on creating a rich set of developer services that will help speed the time to market, scalability, performance and security of apps for our customers. We are inspired when customers leverage the global Akamai platform to revolutionize the way they design and deliver applications and content and so to this end, we want to embrace and celebrate that innovation. Look for more services, more public domain development, and significantly more support from us in the global development community in the near future.